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Daryl Miller

Technology Director


In this age of technology, the Crestview Local School District understands the important role it has in developing students who are technologically prepared. It is the goal of the district to involve students in the use of technology in such a way as to make its use transparent, and enable the students to become more engaged in the learning process.

To that end, the Crestview Local Schools are continually expanding and developing programs and facilities that provide access to technology. The district LAN operates via Fast Ethernet topology with a fiber optic backbone connecting its three buildings and administration offices. The number of networked computers now exceeds 1500 computers and strives to maintain a district goal of one student-accessible computer for every four students in all buildings.

WWW.CRESTVIEWREBELS.ORG is the district's home on the web and is a continually evolving addition for the district. The district also makes use of InfOhio and an automated cataloguing and multi-list system in its school's media centers.

The Crestview Local High School currently offers its students opportunities to participate in distance learning through the operation of an Interactive Distance Learning Lab, and also through a mobile video distance learning unit utilizing ATM and IP technology. In addition to these resources, 2 other computer labs, multiple workstations for student research in the school's media center with access to the Internet, and the placement of PC's in each of its classrooms provides students with additional resources. 

Beginning with the 2012-13 school year, Crestview Local School District initiated an exciting new program to engage students in their education and prepare them for their future. The Crestview Digital Connections program will provide every high school student with a ten (10”) Intel Classmate tablet computer. Each tablet will be equipped with wireless (wifi) connectivity, keyboard and all the necessary software and applications that the student will need to be successful in each of their classes. Students will not only be able to use the tablets in school, but they will also be able to take them home and use them for research and to complete homework assignments. The Crestview Local School District will maintain ownership of all tablet computers, and the associated hardware and software. The tablet and charger will be loaned to the student for educational purposes only during the academic school year. Students are assigned a tablet in the same manner in which a textbook is issued. The tablet may only be used for educational purposes in accordance with the Crestview Local School District polices and guidelines. The Board of Education and the staff of Crestview realize that we must continue to strive to prepare our students for their future. This future includes a world of digital technology, global communication and instant access to information. Providing each student with a tablet computer will open up an entirely new set of opportunities for both collaborative and self-directed learning. The Digital Connections initiative will provide students with anytime/anywhere access to an extensive variety of educational resources. When students have immediate access to multiple sources of data, they are better prepared to analyze information, problem solve solutions, and create a response to problems in a clear and professional manner. Studies have shown that computers empower students to utilize their higher order thinking skills and to become much more productive in the classroom. Noted author and futurist Ian Jukes stated “We have to present our students with relevant real-world problems and have them develop real-world solutions. In short, we need to stop talking and start doing.” At Crestview, we plan to use the Digital Connections to prepare our students for the 21st Century skills that they will need to become productive citizens. It is our goal to keep our students, and our schools the “Heart of our Community!”

The Crestview Local Middle School houses 2 computer lab one with 30 student workstations and the other with 16 and services all students 5-8. The media center offers students additional facilities for student productivity and research with network and Internet connections. Each of the Middle School classrooms is equipped with multiple workstations. Each grade level is also equipped with a mobile netbook cart 30 computers per cart with full access as well.

The Crestview Local Elementary School has its own computer lab with 30 student workstations to service all students K-4. Computers are also available in all classrooms with full access to both networked and locally installed learning software, as well as Internet resources. The media center offers additional access to online resources as well. Along with a mobile netbook cart of 30 netbooks.




"In our current educational model, each student benefits from a personalized, one-to-one learning experience. This approach ensures that every student receives individualized attention and support, fostering a more effective and tailored educational journey."