The Crestview Rebels Paintball Club    
Our Motto:Play Hard, Play Safe, Play with Honor

Crestview Rebels Paintball Club

Constitution and Bylaws

         Article I

o   Name and Affiliation

  The official name of the organization shall be the Crestview Rebels Paintball Club. The Crestview Rebels Paintball Club shall be affiliated and governed by the Crestview Local School District. The Crestview Rebels Paintball Club shall abide by all policies, rules and guidelines established by the Crestview Board of Education and the Crestview Administration

         Article II

o   Purpose:

  The Purpose of the Crestview Rebels Paintball Club shall be to provide students the opportunity to expand their knowledge and understanding of the sport of paintball. Students will be able to meet to discuss equipment, tournaments, scenarios and other issues of interest to the sport of paintball.

o   Authority

  The Crestview Rebels Paintball Club is authorized by the Crestview Board of Education. As an authorized club in the Crestview Local School District, the Crestview Rebels Paintball Club retains all the rights and responsibilities of student activity clubs in the district.

o   Power

  In order to function as a student activity club the Crestview Rebels Paintball Club must have a Board approved advisor. The power of the advisor will be to assure the "club" abides by the policies, guidelines and rules of the Board of Education.

         Article III

o   Membership

  Membership will be open to any high school or middle school student of the age of 10 and higher in the Crestview Local School District.

o   Dues

  Dues for members will be set annually by the membership. All members must be in good standing in regards to dues in order to participate in the functions of the Crestview Rebels Paintball Club.

         Article IV

o   Function

  The function of the Crestview Rebels Paintball Club shall be to extend the sport of paintball to students at Crestview by:

         Discussion of equipment

         Discussion of the rules of the sport

         Organizing and participating in scenarios and tournaments.

                     (off campus)

         Arrange for equipment exchange and purchase

         Other activities as arranged by the club

         Article V

o   Organization


         Officers for the organization shall be:

o   President

o   Vice-President

o   Secretary

o   Treasurer


         Meetings for the organization shall be set by the membership. Agendas for the meetings will be established by the advisor and or by the officers

  Parliamentary Rule

         Meetings of the organization will be governed by Roberts Rule of Order


         Article I

o   Duties of Officers

  President - presides over all meetings and follows Roberts Rule of Order in carrying out club business.

  Vice-President - servers as a chairman of the meeting in the absence of the President. Chairs Executive Committee

  Secretary - Maintains a record of all transactions of the organization. Maintains correspondence

  Treasure - submits annual budget. Maintains a record of all receipts and disbursements.

Summary of the Constitution

We, The Crestview Rebels Paintball Club are dedicated to the discussion and promotion of Paintball in a positive manner.

We are dedicated to teaching non players and players alike the truth of our sport and to showing everyone it is a safe and family friendly game.

We are dedicated to team work, family and community.

We will abide by school rules regarding the storage, transportation and use of paintball gear when on school grounds as decided by the teacher/adult representative, principal and school board.

We will represent our school with honor and respect at any and all paintball related outings, including club games, school fundraisers and club fundraisers.

Any club member that commits vandalism or breaks the laws/rules in regards to paintball equipment will be brought forth to the proper authorities for appropriate punishment.

Club meetings will be held regularly on school grounds in the designated area at designated times/dates with the assigned teach/parent in attendance. Meeting minutes can and will be kept for remittance to the principal at his/her request.

Club dues will be collected annually. Dues will be used to purchase food/beverages for the club as well as to set up club paintball games at the local paintball field. The club treasurer will report to the club president as well as the assigned teach/parent and principal.

Training and Certifications of Advisor

- C1 CERTIFICATION: Basic Certified Air Technician; In this class, the student will have hands-on experience filling CO2 and high pressure systems, as well as training on booster pumps and compressors.

- C2 CERTIFICATION: Advanced CO2 and HP Air Technician; This class certifies the graduate to operate a certified fill station anywhere, and to administer hazardous materials training for fill station operators as required by DOT. This certification also enables the graduate to inspect CO2 and compressed air propellant gas storage bottles used in paintball marker systems, and to service some of the more popular paintball markers. Persons wanting concentrated hands-on experience operating fill stations may want to also take the C6 class.

- C3 CERTIFICATION: Safety Instructor and Game Organizer; This certification will enable the graduate to conduct paintball player safety classes in accordance with an established lesson plan. This certification class is pending a new ASTM standard safety briefing, and will be offered soon after the standard is passed and the new player safety program is initiated.

- C4 CERTIFICATION: Referee; This certification will enable the graduate to organize and conduct paintball games and to officiate at paintball tournaments and other organized games in accordance with established procedures.

- C5 CERTIFICATION: Advanced Airsmith; This certification will attest to a graduate's capabilities at conducting advanced repairs of many paint guns and marker propellant systems. This is a hands-on class, with an excellent teacher/student ratio.

- C5a CERTIFICATION: Master Airsmith; This class will take airsmithing to a new level. The most advanced and most expensive markers will be taught. Students will experience actual hands on troubleshooting of many "buggared markers" (models that are especially prone to bugs), from the Tippmann C3 Propane to the Smart Part SP-8. Every student will be required to fix many different markers in order to graduate, and will receive special tools and parts kits with this class. These graduates will be recognized as the best air-smiths in the industry.

- C6 CERTIFICATION: Field Operator; This class covers the daily routine of operating a paintball field and/or store. This course emphasizes air fills and bottle safety inspections.

- Business & Marketing: Paintball Business Success Tactics; This class offers insight on what to do before and after opening a new business including store/field business and marketing strategies, approaching lending institutions, and zoning and Planned Business Development

- PTI Faculty and Staff: A professional school administrator and PTI Master Airsmith graduate.  has extensive production, video streaming, and networking experience. He is in charge of remote locations and traveling classes, with special attention to providing support services for all of the instructors.