Veterans Day Assembly
The Excel Middle School students were honored to be the featured presenters at this year’s Veterans Day assembly on November 10, 2008. Each Excel class discussed what part they would like to play in the presentation. 5th graders researched the military branches and their seals. 6th graders re-wrote a Veterans Day skit found online. 6th through 8th graders researched several wars and interviewed local veterans. The gifted art students were invited to create a mural for the assembly and the Crestview Symphonic Band was invited to perform. Middle school Boy Scouts Mitchell and Dylan Hart were invited to post the colors. Mr. Walton and Mrs. Peddicord, Crestview alumni association representatives, asked to present Mr. Wesley Burt with a plaque honoring his service in two tours of duty in Iraq. Mr. Miller helped the students with the sound board and providing microphones for the assembly.

Excel students used Microsoft Publisher to create the invitations, banners, thank you cards and programs. PowerPoint templates from Presenters University were used by the students to create the presentation.

The group effort proved to be a huge hit. Many, many veterans, parents and teachers praised the efforts of everyone involved.

After the assembly the Excel family members, veterans and guests were invited to a reception. Donuts, coffee, tea and apple cider were provided by the school. Many parents also brought in refreshments.

Notes of Praise and Appreciation

The Excel students received many compliments and words of praise from students and staff members alike. They include:

Mrs. Kershner and Excel Students
What an awesome performance for the veterans! Thank you for having us be part of such a great performance!
Mrs. Pelino

Mrs. Kershner,
Just a quick note to tell you and the Excel kids that the Veterans Day program was awesome! It was a tribute to be proud of—what a great way to celebrate our veterans. Thank you for all your effort.
Mrs. Hall

Mrs. Kershner and Excel students,
Thank you for honoring our veterans in today’s assembly. Your program was beautiful. I appreciate the time and effort you put into the presentation.
Mrs. Barnhart
WOW! Awesome presentation!

Mrs. Kershner,
Please congratulate the Excel program students for a truly excellent program. They all did marvelous. As I said before the questions and enthusiasm were excellent. Thank you for including me in your program.
Mr. Jack Sutherin, Submariner on the USS Lapon

Mrs. Kershner
Very nice program! I am sure the veterans appreciated the recognition and it was obvious that the students gained from the experience.
Mr. Dilling

Dear Excel Students,
It was an honor and great privilege to participate in your Veterans Day Assembly. I’m sure that the other Veterans felt this way also. Our country is surely blessed by God by being the best on earth. It is comforting to us Veterans to see that our love for it is being passed on and shared by you and your peers. I feel great pride in serving the land of the free and the country that sets the standards for the world. My hope is that you will feel the same pride and pass it on to the future generations.

Thank you for the hard work and effort that you put into the program and the special treats afterward. It was good to be there.

To the teachers and staff who also helped and coordinated the events—again thank you.

May the God of creation bless you and bless our country now and in years to come with freedom and liberty, peace and prosperity and with young men and women who love it and count it worthy of the respect and the honor that it deserves in the world.

You—Excel Students can make a difference in the lives of those around you—do it.

With sincere thanks,
Dick Mason, Coast Guard veteran